Baptized as “AJ” he’s a soft, ticklish cute sort of guy with a mischievous bend and a cheerful laugh.

And… AJ stands for? Well, it’s the combination of the letters A and J.

A is for Awesome, that’s what we think AJ is, and of course for animal because that's what he is.

J is for Jewel, because of his sparkling personality, J is also for AJ’s propensity for jumping throughout the jungles. Well,  in  this case, among all the low and high hanging branches making up the marketing jungle!

The meaning of AJ's name (as per Google) is that he is powerful, complete, bold, independent, inquisitive, original and inventive. AJ is good intellectually and requires several outlets for his energies...um, this could be beneficial with many elements needed for an effective marketing mix.

When Monkey Business Solutions Group was born, it made sense to bring AJ into the company; Having fun in a marketing company is after all, totally appropriate!

Ok, so he’s stuffed, but he has his own wardrobe and even his own stocking at Christmas. And we have realized that there are some great advantages to having AJ over the real deal, live monkey such as:

Average Weight:
  • Monkey: 8.8-20 lbs.
  • AJ: Virtually nothing!
  • Monkey: At least $5,000
  • AJ: $40.00; + Clothing, Christmas, etc
  • Monkey: Plants, Meat
, Dirt
  • AJ: Imaginary Banana
  • Monkey: Up to 36
  • AJ: None…nothing to clean or floss
  • Monkey: Must clean naturally dirty cage regularly
  • AJ: None other than an occasional brushing to stimulate and dust out his furry coat
  • Monkey: Can be pretty grumpy, but can also be funny!
  • AJ: Always happy
  • Monkey: Yup.. that's what we do
  • AJ: Do they even make this to fling?
  • Monkey: Seriously?!
  • AJ: Oh yes! Love the boy's clothing section at the department store!