creative services

Graphic Design

We create new ideas, as well as refresh old ideas while strengthening the branding you already have in place to build strong graphically designed communication messages that your audience will notice.

Ideas, People, & Results


Whether you’re looking for an advertising campaign, trade show booth and banner, or just a business card, Monkey Business can help you!

Here, we have a reputation for knowing how to design, typeset and layout amazing graphics with creativity and originality; of course, we also have the expertise to apply your brand consistently across all offline and online marketing spectrums such as:

  • business cards & pamphlets
  • website design
  • point of sale
  • signage
  • newsletter or blog design
  • twitter, facebook banners

As your business partner, we chimps take your business seriously. We put you through our proven creative process to bring your vision about, making ideas come to life. We look forward to working with you!


Online, or in print, good, rich content needs to connect with your audience right away or you may lose their potential business. Your communications need to inspire your target audience while offering a compelling and crediting solution or idea that provokes action.

Your words and your brand need to sell your products, your services, and ideas. This comes from truly understanding the benefits of your offerings. Strong and robust messaging helps your reader understand what’s in it for them, with compelling and credible solutions that in turn, spark the emotions to want to work with you!

Monkey Business Solutions Group has the team to create your branded messaging into mediums such as:

  • Print ads
  • Press releases
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Websites
  • Packing materials
  • Online ads
  • Marketing letters
  • Blog content
  • Newsletters
  • Business naming, tag lines, mission statement

Our highly skilled team of chimps will express your company’s essence with influential and persuasive copy that captures your brand and your customers!

Photography, Voiceovers & Videography

Monkey Business partners with a diverse group of businesses to offer our clients:

Photography: For online or offline graphic design jobs or websites that need to incorporate a more personal element of the business than the standard stock photography, or have custom shopping carts with imagery, employee snaps, the sky is the limit!

Voiceovers: From jingles to factual information, we will match your needs with the right organization to make sure your branded message gets the right voice with the right words.

Videography: Creating videos of your products and services not only add elements of credibility and building trust, they also can enrich your search engine rankings!